The man who knew everything...

The man who knew everything…

For an artist joy of being recognized by name of his creation has no other parallel. Enjoying the praise of millions savoring his artistic dreams is something every artist dream of but as wonderful the feeling is sometimes other creations of the artist suffers huge indifference due to the dominance of one.
Leonardo Da Vinci of Florence revered and praised by all for his paintings and architecture. No sane man would object to Leonardo’s proficiency¬†in painting but it was only one color extracted from a rainbow of talents Leonardo had. The man was a botanist, astrologist, geologist, mechanic, physicist, paleontologist, musician and of course painter all rolled into one. The article pays a humble tribute to the scientific contributions of Leonardo the miracle man the genius of a renaissance.

Much before Copernicus stated his opinions about earth’s orbital motion Leonardo discovered that earth moves around the sun and moon behaves in the same fashion.
Leonardo also noticed the mechanism of the thunderstorm and declared that light travels faster than sound
Long before the industrial revolution, Leonardo was able to construct a very powerful crane capable of lifting huge stones during the construction of churches.
Leonardo much earlier realized the potential of water and wind energy and utilized them in many of his gadgets
Leonardo gave a theory explaining the formation of mountains stating that they were ancient coastline which gradually shifted upwards
Leonardo gave working designs for self-propelled car and helicopter. Although experts believed that it was not possible for Leonardo’s helicopter to take off utilizing just muscular energy but the design itself was perfect
Leonardo also designed modern canons precursor of tanks and pistols. See them working in Ubisoft’s game Assasins creed’s Ezio Auditore chapter
Leonardo was the founder of skydiving, bungee jumping, and gliding before him it was believed that only witches or gods can fly
Leonardo also was able to design deep-sea exploration device comparable with modern scuba diving kits
Leonardo was a brilliant mathematician and cryptologist. His fantasy for mathematics and cryptology could be well realized while reading Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code.
It’s not possible to explain all of Leonardo’s works on any single page, book or Library so confessing about my poor knowledge about that great man I would end this article now to come some another day to say something more about Leonardo, not Dicaprio…Davinci

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