Standing tall... 

Standing tall… 

Back in the college I always envied the life of consultants and wanted to be one.  Not that I knew much about the consultancy just that everyone wanted that so I followed with a sheepish instinct. One thing in particular which enticed me a lot about the job was that you get to travel from city to city and hotel to hotel. 

Life took its turn and I haven’t become a consultant but strangely something strange came true. I was assigned the responsibility of Adobe campus team and hence my desired nomadic life started. Chennai, Bangalore,  Hyderabad,  Jaipur,  Chandigarh and much more I have seen in a month. The dream of living and working from five-star hotels transformed into a reality.

As my dreams were realized and the goal came to fruition directly or indirectly,  I realized a very different thing.To be frank for initial few trips I was so mesmerized by glamour and pomp of these starred hotels that I missed it but it then grabbed my attention. I never saw a hotel staff in these hotels sitting down. Whether it’s reception desk or coordinating a 10 hr long interview,  they never sit down!! 

What makes a hotel really special? Is it really rooms? Four trips down and that will fail in gathering one’s attention. Is it cuisine? Believe me, it’s good but nothing exceptional or Is it some add-ons as the gym, spa, rooftop pools? Nah, even some residential societies have got them.  The only thing that’s special about them is their service. The men and women who are standing for hours with a smile just to make one feel special and royal. They face everything from praises to criticism and anger with the same smile and that too while standing tall. Isn’t it something worth learning?




  • Josephbug | Mar 17,2019

    Amazing quite a lot of very good info.

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