Don't Just Jump!!

Don’t Just Jump!!

Sitting in a minibus drafting slowly from the city of Rishikesh a bunch of unknown people were on their way to make a jump down the cliff directly in the gushing river flowing calmly 100 meters downwards.

A few were happy, a few others terrified and some traveling merely as spectators. There was excitement in the air mixed with Curiosity and enthusiasm but one thing was for sure, a few of them would later have been asked by their friends and families that why they have gone so far spent so much to jump from a platform with fear in eyes and shout in the voice.

To be fair, I was one of the jumping folks and it was only a few days later I questioned myself ‘Why do we jump?’ Seriously why on the earth are some of the individuals are not easily contented with an easy comfortable lazy lifestyle. Reclining on the easy chair by the beachside is a way more easy and comfy to climbing the mountains, fighting the rivers or jumping the cliffs.

Why a few leave our 9 to 6 jobs for 12 to 12 entrepreneurship? or Why some of us leave lucrative investment banking to a menial professorship? Or Why some leave a seven-figure package to be part of torture paced bureaucracy?

Are these people clear about their ideas, visionaries, fearless or superhuman?

Going for the jump I understood one thing, no matter the reason, you decided to jump, your attitude while jumping paints who you are.

You could be risk-averse or risk-taking, you could be scared or fearless, the decision could be yours or inspired but one thing is for sure, your decision to take a risk is the job only half done, how you go about making your decision a reality shows your caliber.

As while bungee we all were there for different reasons some pushed by friends, some pushed by adrenaline rush and others merely hesitant to back out but standing on the platform scared, excited and clueless when we took the jump, how we took the jump differentiated us.

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