Monthly Archive October 2018

To paint the canvas with a single colour

Humans like to think of themselves as citadel of freewill, free from bounds of nature. There has been a growing conception among individuals that human behavior couldn’t be understood scientifically as we are way above the norms of nature. There is nothing afar from the statement. Homo sapiens is merely a species that too among thousands of other species. The attempt to enforce our conception of liberalism and independence without understanding the anthropological context for a target society is doing more harm than good. Before thinking of introducing any changes or doing them any good, we have to understand why other groups are different from ourselves and then it will be more easier for us to understand their behavior. Around 1960s American educators found that African American schoolchildren are rarely consuming milk and they started finding out reasons in their poor socioeconomic background and even discrimination but truth was far from that. Later on anthropologists elucidated that certain societies where milking animals are being kept, they don’t drink the milk but they sour it before they drink it, the reason is they lack the enzyme lactase that helps in digesting the milk. Not only lactose is being not digested but it also leads to indigestion of other nutrients.

While world has progressed a lot in terms of individual rights and independence, we shouldn’t judge every situation, region, country from the similar angle. Don’t feed milk to lactose intolerant in the name of equality, it will be a torture to them.