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The Magic of Hubble

If for a time being you ignore the printed text in the photograph What will you think of this photograph?
I bet many of you would swear it to be artistic imagination and some of the art lovers would even try to persuade me to give you name of the artist but I think you all intelligent life forms would have Sherlock holmed (Yeah I have made it a word. By the way it means deduce/d) by now that it is a real-time picture captured by floating magnanimous telescope named after famous American astronomer Edwin Hubble ( Wiki it if you don’t know about him). By the way, you guys are fifty percent right okay I can give you slightly more than seventy percent but at least you are twenty-five percent wrong. Hubble images are too good, too colorful and too bright to be natural. There are artists hand involved in giving them this form.
The journey of the creation of a Hubble image begins when Hubble captures several black and white raw images of an astronomical object say some galaxy far far away(No, Hubble never found Luke Skywalker). Thousands of images are captured to make a single image.
Multiple images are then stacked to complete the picture then advanced image processor gives color to the image. Images are not given randomly to make them more beautiful (Come on it’s not a fashion show its science there should be some logic to give them color). Colors are given on basic of wavelengths of atomic emission to make the characteristics of the picture noticeable to the naked eye which otherwise would be difficult to study and yes, of course, it also lights up our desktop background. Images are now graphically cleared and corrected for any persisting abnormality and so a picture is born
Critics call this betrayal to the ordinary people by presenting graphically altered picture but it’s not the case NASA never said these are raw images. If you go to You would find Hubble explaining the mechanism of creation of these images. Yes, I have learned from there only. I don’t work for NASA, Hubble or George Clooney (Sorry Gravity still revolving in mind). Hubble through these images has given a dimension an opportunity to scientists, teachers, students, astronauts to study and see the objects far beyond the reach of human eyes because the only thing they had done is increasing the interest and attention. Every time I see these images I just remember star treks famous quote Space: the final frontier.
Courtesy: NASA and If you want to know more about image creation click here