The Universal Link


Referred by his close confidante and once colleague Mahesh Sahay, Doctor Anand Kashyap, a young and vibrant molecular biologist associated with the Indian National Academy of Sciences, was asked to be part of one of the Indian Navy’s most unique and ambitious projects, ‘Operation Samudradristi.’

What was to be a dreary advisory role for Anand, metamorphosed into the discovery of an ancient tool lying dormant in the blue abyss of the Arabian Sea – a tool capable of deciding the fate of anything living…

Two thousand miles away and ten years earlier, that something had woken up. An age-old parasite had found its way into the blood of the masters of the earth.

For millions of years, this virus had guided the evolution of thousands of species by selecting few individuals of a species based on their genetic makeup, mutating them and then turning them into immortal beings for a limited time so they could reproduce for longer and enable the surfacing of more evolved ones. Now naturally, it couldn’t allow itself to be used as an instrument for fulfilling human aspirations.

The US army with the aid of Dr Richard was trying to decode the mystical virus when suddenly Richard vanished, leaving behind two dead bodies and no clues to his whereabouts. Even more shocking was the discovery that the virus sample had been smuggled out of the lab in the past and was currently in the hands of a deadly terrorist organization.

Between dwindling time to make the right move and a fierce clash of nations, a struggle ensued to unravel humankind’s most formidable challenge… immortality.

Can Anand decipher the mystery of “the universal link” before it is turned into an unstoppable weapon?

Annihilation or immortality… the battle begins.